Website Design

Design is what we do, design is what we love. We create designs that leave a lasting impression on visitors and maximise the potential of your brand.

On the web, first impressions count. If your design doesn't represent the quality of the products or services you provide then you could lose out on many potential customers.

Before we begin the design process, we research as much as we can about your company and what it's about. It's important to us that the design we create truly represents your company and leaves a great impression on visitors.

When you work with Memory you can rest assured that the design you receive is bespoke to your brand.

In a nutshell…
  • Design from scratch, bespoke to your brand
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • Cross-Browser and Mobile Compatible
  • Clean, fast-loading, SEO optimised, validating code
  • Javascript and jQuery infused
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Web Applications

If you've got an idea on how to improve your business' sales through the use of the internet, or if you have an idea for a web service that could become the core of your company - then you've come to the right place.

With many years of experience in coding web applications of all shapes and sizes, we know how to maximise on functionality whilst keeping user-friendliness a high priority through beautiful UI.

We're experts at creating an effortless user experience to encourage repeat business.

Get in contact and we can let you know how if an application would be suitable for your business, and how it can improve sales and brand awareness.

In a nutshell…
  • PHP and Database driven
  • Javascript and jQuery enchanced
  • User-tested beautiful UX design
  • Web Apps for Browsers and Mobiles
  • No job too big
  • Intranet sites to improve efficiency and productivity
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SEO & Web Promotion

With the incredible rise of the internet over the past decade, Google has become one of the most commonly used outlets to find products and services.

Ranking high in search results is an extremely valuable asset to any business. Having your target market find you gives you an undeniable advantage over traditional advertising.

We code keeping SEO in mind from the get-go, and only use White Hat organic promotional methods to ensure you aren't penalised by Google for 'cheating'.

There's more to promotion than simply SEO. With over half of the UK population using Facebook every week, Social Networking can allow you to create a new form or relationship between you and your customers.

In a nutshell…
  • SEO from the ground up, coded as a priority
  • We only use 'WhiteHat' organic SEO techniques to build a solid foundation
  • We don't promise the impossible
  • Social network setup, advice, and training
  • Traditional web advertising design, copywriting and keyword analysis
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That's not all…


Placing your store on the internet unlocks a huge potential of selling opportunity - transforming your market from local residents to the entire country, or even the world.

Whether you have a dozen or several thousand products, we can set up a custom e-commerce solution for your business.

Talk to us today to see how easy putting your catalogue on the web can be.


To keeps thing simple for you, we offer a fast, reliable and affordable UK hosting service for all of our clients. Each package will be tailored to what you need so you won't overpay, and unlike many hosting companies we won't simply turn off your website in the case that you do go over.

If you don't get it, don't worry - we can set everything up for you.

If your site is too big for our server's shoes, we can set you up with one of our dedicated partners.


We understand how hard it can be to manage a dynamic website. We've created our own Content Management System that we build around the websites we create, rather than trying to twist and bend existing popular generic systems to work with a template.

By offering you with a tailored CMS we are able to provide you with all the features you require to keep on top of your site and to manage it effectively and efficiently. No one likes an out of date site - we make updating it as easy as can be.


When we say we have a passion for Web Design, we're really telling the truth. We love to keep on top of the ever changing world of web trends and fashions, constantly watching the internet change through popular usage to keep ahead of the game.

If your website is stuck in previous decades, let Memory bring it up to life with a fresh image. As you already know what works well for your website and what doesn't, we can maximise the potential by creating a design that looks good and works well - pushing you ahead of the competitors.


When you work with Memory, everything from start to finish is tailored. Being creators from the core, we wouldn't dream of using clip art or design templates - even the photography is taken in-house.

We have a strict design process with clear communication between ourselves and our clients. There's no point in tailoring something if we don't know who we're tailoring it for - we learn and gather as much information as we can about your company's brand, image reputation, services, products, and ethos so that we can create a website that attracts exactly who you would want it to.

PSD/Image to Website

If you already have a design created that you love, we can turn it into a working website in no time at all.

All of our work is XHTML valid, and will work across devices and browsers - giving a consistent design whether you're on an iPad or in an internet cafe. We keep the code clean and images optimised so that your website will load as quickly as possible, and be as accessible as possible.

We will revise your design with you before starting the project to cover any potential problems that may occur and advise you on alternative solutions so that you can be sure you will be happy with the finished product.

New Business

When starting up a new business, creating a clear understanding of what it is you do is a priority.

When you come to Memory, we make sure your website expresses who you are and what you do, so that new visitors and potential customers leave with a lasting image.

The internet has vast selling potential - and could be vital to the success of your business. Let's discuss how to improve business through selling and promotion.

Make your first website one to be proud of with Memory.

Small Business

A website is a great way to communicate to customers who you are and what you're about. For many, it's the first (and often only) place customers visit before they decide whether they want to purchase with yourself or a competitor.

We're great at capturing a company's image and pushing it into a design - so that they captivate the exact market you're targeting.

Whether you require a five page static website or hundreds of pages, we can get the right balance for you so your customers don't see you as a business giant or an non reputable outfit, but instead the image that reflects what your business deserves.

Large Business

When people deal with a business of a certain scale, they expect a great deal from their website. It is essential for large businesses to keep on top of their game when it comes to their online presence.

When you take out a contract with Memory, we dedicate our time to creating a solution that will heighten brand recognition and ultimately increase business.

If you're looking for a way to improve productivity, let's discuss how an internal web application can streamline your processes, keep people accountable, and speed up support. We can create a custom solution that could save you thousands.

Social Networks

Social networks and the power of social networking is forever becoming a greater benefit to all types of companies. Whether it's Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, we can make sure that you are set up correctly and give you expert advice on how to effectively use the services to their potential, helping you start your social journey.

If your company is not taking full advantage of all the free methods of pulling in customers then you are missing a great opportunity that could create many loyal returning customers.

Identity & Branding

Our professional custom design services include business cards, logos, illustrations, character, and mascot design.

You always get a unique, personal design. Here we only provide 100% customized work. No clip-art allowed! All artwork is done by our personal team of designers, from start to finish.

Contact us today to request some samples of logo & print design created by our team.

Mobile Websites

The mobile internet has come a long way since it's humble beginnings of WAP sites. Thanks to new generation of smart phones and high-speed data technology, people now use their mobiles to access the internet more than ever.

As standard, we make sure your website looks as you would expect it to on iPhones, Androids and Blackberries. We can also create a dedicated website that essentially turns your site into an app - heightening usability and encouraging deeper browsing.

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